Be a good disciplinarian.

Andres Paniagua
Oct 28, 2020


Like most things nowadays, people fall into camps when it comes to parenting. And like most things, I try to not fall into any camp at all. I try to take a look at a problem and find a solution that aligns with my values.

What I’ve observed over the years is that new parents tend to be afraid of discipline and punishment. They think that this stifles their child’s growth. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You need to have discipline and be able to learn from and be afraid of punishment so you can use said punishment to become a better person.

Now there’s a huge difference between discipline and punishment. And I think the biggest problem that people have with these subjects is that they don’t understand the difference between the two. They think that they are one in the same and treat them as such or are turned off because of it.

We all need discipline. This is the only thing that will keep us on the straight and narrow. If all you depend on is fear to keep you safe and moving forward, you’ll be safe for sure but you won’t get anywhere.

So discipline is what keeps you doing what you don’t want to do. It’s not motivation. Motivation is a choice. Discipline isn’t. Discipline keeps you accountable.

Making sure your kids do their chores…That’s discipline.

Waking up and going to bed at a certain time.. That’s discipline.

Being nice to others… that’s discipline.