Whose job is it?

Andres Paniagua
2 min readMay 11, 2017

I go to the gym…a lot. I see all kinds of people in there. New people, experienced people and people who think their experienced. These are the people that go up to someone and give out unsolicited information. They try to “help” by correcting people who they think need their help. They usually gravitate to the new people.

The new people have just started in the gym and are trying to get in a groove. They want to touch all the equipment because its all new to them. This is perfectly fine. When we all start something new there’s a period of time where we have to wander around aimlessly until we find our way.

Me, on the other hand, try and keep to myself at the gym. I get in and out as fast as I can. I was actually supposed to work on my social skills in the gym but that’s for another blog post. I research and study what it takes to make progress in the gym. Form and technique are the most important characteristics of a proper workout plan. I guess I’m a muscle nerd.

But I keep all this to myself. I don’t go around shouting at everyone how bad their form is. I don’t tell them what “I would do”. I just keep to myself and keep the weight moving.

All this leads me to my question: Should the new people look for the people with information or visa versa? Is it my responsibility to share what I’ve learned or will that make me as bad as the “know it all’s”?

I guess I can work on my social skills by trying to be a little more friendly and helping someone out.

What do you think?